1867-10-31: Hope and Shadows
Hope and Shadows
Summary: Emilia pays something of a semi-required visit to the Ruins of Ironhold Castle.
Date: 1867-10-31
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A slight sigh slipped at the relief that came as she passed through the crumbling doorway. Even if she was able to stay away longer than before, the pull to come remained and grew over time until she gave in to it. The lessons had made the need to visit less frequent, since she could keep Them in check better. But after the masque…She had needed to come, and the pull was always greater this day.

There was some wonder if that was how hangovers were like for some, the force in which They had resurfaced the day after the masque. To say They had been wroth may well have been an understatement. Silence before They could even truly react to Him, to know He had told Emilia /something/ which They were denied to hear as well and that was just the beginning of it all. There had been the rest of the evening with Ris and Lon as well. It had been a night to remember.

The memory was enough to bring a smile to her lips, and cause a disgruntled rumble from Them. Her dark eyes drew up to meet the black upon black eyes of the creature within that circle of iron,«Aye, I know how well you disapprove of my choice in mate. But I have heard children do often make choices their parents disapprove of.» It probably had not been horribly wise to…break the news to Her in the fashion that it had been those many months ago. Not that Emilia had much planned to inform Her, not that she had planned for that night either. But she hadn't minded it either. A pattern that seemed to have continued since the start.

And was to continue it seemed, she had not even considered the idea of a consort, not til her cousin had spoken of it. He had even said others spoke of the idea when she had mentioned it to him. Though it seemed he was the one more surprised that it could well come to pass now. His surprise had given her pause and caused her to wonder on certain things. Maybe it would become clearer when they had chance to speak with her sister as he spoke of doing.

There was truly hope before her now, and yet so much shadow was now starting to fall, not just across Rivana but everywhere. The plague. It was troubling, what she had heard about it so far. Pacitta was ravaged by it and now it was spreading. So fast it seemed. How many would die from it? How many close to her would be lost? Would she….her head canted a little as she looked back to the Widow, «Or shall it pass over me? Will I be protected as I am from the Gatesickness?» It was not a thing she would actively seek to test…the risk was too high.

She would have to see to more time at the Cathedral for prayers, least in a way that others saw for once, and to speak with Raelyn to see what measures they would see to for their people. A faint sigh slipped. Duty, through the guidance of the One, would see them through it all, she knew that. Just…She shock her head, no she would not let her thoughts go there. Not now. Her hand raised and her fingers lightly danced in the air before coming to rest with her fingertips upon those of El’Ka’Athren,«There is hope for us yet, to find peace before the end of it all. As much as we may ever have peace.»

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