1867-11-19: Letters from Pacitta
Letters from Pacitta
Summary: Evelyn l'Faust writes a few letters she's been meaning to get to at the close of the 1867 Tourney in Pacitta during the rampage of the Plague
Date: 11-19-1867
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Lady Emilia Cassomir,

I am sincerely sorry I have not had time until now to write you, but as you can much guess between the tragedy after the tournament coupled with the recent influx of the plague that is beseeching both our countries has kept me, and the rest of my family quite busy.

I wished to thank you, in earnest, for the gift of your paintings to aid in Ostvor's recovery. Your thoughtfulness and generosity was unexpected, and welcomed with gladdened hearts. Most especially, your kindness will never be forgotten. You, and your family will always be welcomed in Ostvor and will always have our friendship.

I write you from Pacitta, upon the close of the Tourney events. I would not have come if it were not for the fact that my people needed something to rally behind, they've lost so much in so short a time. If you have heard rumors of how terrible the epidemic here is, I assure you, the truth is actually worse. We kept to the main streets of the city, but there are things one notices. The things that are not present and missing, the things unspoken, the quiet and vacant stares in the eyes of those untouched.

There were barely a quarter of the stands filled with patrons of the events, only the most stallworthy, or perhaps the most foolish showed. Even the Chancellor was reluctant to show, and several events such as the Parade, the Bareknuckle, and others were cancelled in whole.

I pray to the One that Ironhold remains vigiiant and strong during this travesty which is sweeping The Edge, and you and yours are kept safe and hale. Ostvor has been hit hard, and I have learned much from my time in the Healer's Den there, but with my father taken ill, my duties will now return to aiding my brothers in keeping our Duchy running smoothly.

While it is of little recompense, in thanks for your efforts, I return what little I can of my own talents to you. I hope you find it worthy of someone of your blessed talents, Lady. I took the liberty of drawing it after and during the Tourney in Ostvor, as I find peace and tranquility in such things.

In eternal friendship and gratitude,
Lady Evelyn l'Faust

Enclosed is a charcoal drawing of Emilia and Stephen fighting each other in the Bareknuckle event in Ostvor. A rough outline of the fighting circle, and rough outline of fans and stands in the background to give idea and shape to the setting, but the real detail is in the two figures. The drawing is clearly cut out from some type of journal or book, but professionally extracted. (Great Success on the quality of work.)

Lord Lucas l'Sainger,

You have been in my thoughts much, lately. Ostvor has been in despair, and more is on the way, besetting our House, our City, our Duchy. And touching yours, and your family as well. I grieve for the loss of your mother, and our cousin. As do many others, here. She was well loved. And if the One had a way I could be there, I would. But duty calls, as my father has taken ill, and I must return to Ostvor to aid in his recovery the best I can, and help my brothers keep things running as smoothly as my father does.

If there is anything that I, or my family can do for you and yours, please let us know and we shall make every effort. But know that you, your sister, and Lord Gabriel are not alone. Ostvor, and your friends have you much in thought.

I write you now from Pacitta, at the end of the Tourney. I had come here to give hope and perhaps a victory for my people, yet I fell just short. I had chances to take both the duels, and the joust, but it was not fated to be. Still, I can only pray that my efforts here have not gone to waste and my performance at the very least will carry to Ostvor and have given some there that hope I sought for them.

The plague is terrible here, and I pray also that the rest of The Edge does not get this bad. I am glad to be returning home, as virulent as Ostvor is it seems but a paltry illness compared to Pacitta.

Perhaps when this is all over, we can see each other again soon.

Yet, until then, I offer this. A token of my esteem for your mother, and our friendship. Keep it well, Lord. And keep yourself well, also. I will make every effort to take my own advice, and I further assure you that my risk taking is over for some time. One be with you.

Yours in friendship,
Lady Evelyn l'Faust

(Enclosed is a drawing of Mina, a profile. done in Evelyn's charcoals, on a full piece of paper, not her typical journal pages - Great Success)

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