1867-11-22 : Lessons and Losses
Lessons and Losses
Summary: Gastogne returns home for a funeral.
Date: 11-22-1867
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Along the small villages that dotted the Corbeau holdings lived his family had been in for generations. Another mudhole in Couviere. Here, Gastogne Originne had come home. Not for pleasant affairs. Not for business. Not for pleasure. For mourning.

He couldn't remember the last time he cried. Not out of fear or awe but of loss. The letter had reached him a few days ago.

His father was dead. Two of his brothers were dead. The plague.

Gastogne sobbed. Looking into the fire. The fire burning the bodies of those who had fallen in the village from it. Too many.. Far too many.

He wore a mask of sorts - something that someone had said helped prevent getting the plague. No one knew if it really worked. Or perhaps cared.

He just bawled as he looked up to the heavens then, at the embers going to the heavens with the remains. He cried out as he watched them, feeling never as wretched in his life.

And as he watched them floating up, he could not help but start to cough. Spittig out blood as he spasmed. It was just biting his tongue. Or his sobs. Nothing.

As the fire rose up, pain wracked through his body. Shivering in agony, sweating, he managed to hide the worst of his spasms. As he looked at the remainder of his family watching, Gastogne made a decided point as the embers faded to not approach them to offer his own reflections.

As his mother locked eyes with him after, he held one of his hands up as he twitched, with a 'stay away' look on it as she nodded in pained acknowledgement.

His coughing fits continued as he nearly collapsed, managing to crawl away towards the small parcel of a home made out of mud and small brick before the coughing won and he fully passed out, blood flowing from his nose.

Mourning paid it's own price.

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