1867-11-25: A Light of Awareness
A Light of Awareness
Summary: After she is corrected by the Tracano Princess, Dawn works to try and take her corrections to heart for the future.
Date: 1867-11-25
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In the hallway of Sunsreach Palace, Dawn Bazan moved as tightly as she could manage. Her head was downcast an hour or so later as the Tracano Princess had corrected her. Moving through the palace's halls then, Dawn felt very much out of place. And very, very thoughtful. Even as she went about her orders of checking and tending others, moving amongst her duties very much with her mind on what she had been told.

Was she really that oblivious then? That she did not even sense the Lady Gerrell's discomfort at her presence or inquiries? Or did she not care on it as she had made it? Regardless, the Princess had been right to correct her. As she went through some of the halls, past some of the guards who would be wards of some of the areas used for those who were more ill, Dawn went to put a plague mask upon her face and took upon herself the other items required for helpign to tend to those who were more severely ill and to help treat them.

Dawn Bazan resolved to herself to work upon her mindfulness. If only for the care of others then and those she was charged with treating. That was a duty any healer should feel a duty to perform whether on a battlefield or a Healer's Den. She admonished herself, even as she went to check the isolated halls and those being tended within. The Princess was right to remind her of such a simple duty, among others. And it was one that Dawn would try to take to heart as best she could as she continued her vigil.

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