1867-12-02: A Letter and Cookies
A Letter and Cookies
Summary: In receiving news that her friend is recovering, Emilia pens a letter.
Date: 1867-12-02
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With a letter to


Emilia glanced at the letter from her cousin, it had been a relief to hear word that Clara was recovering. And that Casella was still doing well, she worried for the little girl. Perhaps she was getting too attached to the girl, but was that not her choice to make? But it would be awhile before she could visit again and the painting lessons could pick up. Perhaps a good thing, Emilia giving a slight glance at the still blank wall.

She shook her head and tossed the thoughts aside as she picked up a quill and began to pen a letter to her friend.

My Dearest Clara

I would hope and pray this finds you yet stronger and continuing on your recovery. Alaina has said you are past the worst of it and growing stronger each day. And more feisty with the healers who watch over you. I cannot imagine you take kindly to being restricted to your bed especially as your energy returns to you.

I would offer to make the trip to visit, but even without your requests to stay away, I have doubt I would be granted leave to visit Sunsreach. While he has not brought it up in some time, Stephen has broached the issue of putting Raelyn, Devlin and I in some form of isolation as we have heard others doing. Thankfully, this plague has not hit Ironhold as hard or heavily as many others, so he has not pressed the matter. Though it would be untrue to say we have remained untouched by it.

It has been distressing enough to see our people suffer and be able to do nothing to aid them, but then to deal with those who would seek to profit from the misery and fears of others? Least them, I can do something about and have. I would like to say that after making examples of several, it has put the practice to an end. Yet I cannot claim to be so blind to think that there are still not those who work within the shadows to ply coppers from those desperate to save their loved ones. I do find some solace though in being able to help, even if in this small way.

I worry for you yet, and you are in my prayers. I have no doubt that many pray for you, and surely Lady Tiadora prays doubly. I admit, I have half wondered if she blames herself for this as she is often want to do when ill things happen, or if she places the blame upon us for the costumes we wore at the masque? For her disapproval was quite clear, then I do suppose I give her much to disapprove of when measured to Normont values.

Soon, even more perhaps, for Raelyn has agreed to consider a consort agreement for me and Lonar. There are details yet to discuss on the matter, and I imagine Stephen is not entirely keen on the idea. I suspect he may yet try to talk Raelyn out of allowing a contract to be drawn up. I do not fault him on that, he is a practical sort and knows his politics well. How could he not with his mother? In the end, I think little shall change whether there is a contract or not.

I am sure you shall have your strength back and, we, our visits soon enough to gossip truly upon such matters. Worry not about me, my strength endures. And I have Lonar to worry and fret over me, least as much as one might ever expect him to fret. Winter has always seemed a time of reflection and cleansing, and I think it is more so now than ever. I do pray that the snow helps to cleanse away the plague and other ills, so that the colors of spring may seem all the brighter.

May the One Watch Over You and Keep you safe,

A knock at the door had Emilia looking up from the letter. With Syrn poking her head in a few moments later,"You wanted me to remind you of the hour." The Huntress opening the door a touch further in seeing Emilia busy at the desk.

"Oh, of aye. I had not quite of forgotten, just of a moment." Turning back to finish the letter off before using the turn of sand to help dry the ink. Giving it an added shake or two before she moved from the desk. She would see it sent off later.

Syrn pushed the door open to allow Emilia to walk through and past her before closing it behind them both. "Are you sure about this?" Striding alongside Emilia as they made way down the hallway. "You know what happened the last time."

One of Emilia's ever stoic looks was all the answer Syrn got. And enough to put end to any further questions.

<some time later>

A dusting of flour existed in her hair, across part of her tunic, on spots of her leggings as Emilia made her way down the hallway. A platter of assorted cookies carried rather protectively as she made her way along towards Lonar's room.

The huntress that was chatting with Syrn did a double take as the Cassomir walked on by them. While Syrn simply kept leaning against the wall, eyes just briefly following her charge, and Mistress of the Hunt.

"Did I just see…"


"Was she actually carrying…"


"And she was half covered in…"


"But that hasn't happened since before the…"


"You don't think…"

This time, Syrn simply shrugged her shoulders. Some thoughts were best left unvoiced.

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