1867-12-05: Back to Business
Back to Business
Summary: It is back to business after Odilia recovers from the plague.
Date: 1867-12-05
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NPC  Odilia  

Odilia made a face into the mirror. “She isn’t going to like it you know.” A hand reaching up and running over the now bald surface of her head. It had really been the only option, she knew that. She smirked a bit, it was amusing at least.

“I am sure we can find a wig before you travel back, and you never know it might grow a fair bit before then.” Mab said as she swept up the uneven locks and thin wisps of hair on the floor.

“Maybe, but a hat might work just as well. I imagine we’ll see quite some interesting trends with hats. Be good business for those making ‘em,” a glance to her hands with the random nail missing from her fingers,” gloves as well.” Odilia shook her head at her own reflection. It did look better then the thinned out mess, it’d made her look like some tattered and abused child’s doll. “Least those with talents like that who’ve managed not ta up and die. Right lot of openings all around sounds like. Speaking of…How many we’d lose all total?” Leaving the ‘so far’ unspoken. Odilia knew that even if it seemed to be slowing, there were still people falling ill.

Mab continued with her sweeping, easily stepping around Odilia as the woman got up and moved towards her desk. “Two of the kitchen staff, and three of the maids. But we think one just skipped out of town with her family. The more seasonal help is another story, been hard to get proper numbers on them.”

Odilia frowned,”I’m sure it’ll be awhile before we can replace ‘em all proper. Folks will no doubt be in need of work yet when it is all said and done.” Just how many folks were gonna be left to file the openings was a thing they’d have to see in time. “I’ll go out in a few days and see about the others, or information on ‘em. Always been harder to keep tabs on them, just the nature of the work rightly.” The assignments could take them to interesting ends, and even when not…Well..It just wasn’t the best for them to just pal about. “And Thomas? How has he been managing?”

“I’ve got an eye out for potentials, but ya know how the screening process goes. Got to make sure they are suitable.” Meaning not likely to be plants and spies of some sort. “But may have to consider otherwise, depending on how long things keep going on.” Mab talking easily enough as she moves on to continue with the tidying. “Ain’t in a tough spot just yet. Least not like some.” She cracked a smile as the questions finally got around to Thomas. “He’s been managing fine. Been keeping ta his office mostly and using messengers mostly when it comes ta business. Tough going. I’m sure he’ll be pleased ta see ya.”

“I have no doubt everyone is hurting, even if some more so than other.” Odilia already working through some of the information she’d gone over the past few days. She’d be able to help out in the kitchen if it came to that. Laughing with a shake of her head in the head,”Oh, I’m sure he’ll prefer not to see me. Frightful mess I am.” A hand playing over the now smooth top of her head. “Off with you, I best get through this. No doubt I’ll be playing messenger soon enough myself.” Searching to pick up some of the missives, they had piled up, hadn’t they.

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