1867-12-15: Home and Hollowness
Home and Hollowness
Summary: Gastogne slowly and painfully starts to recover from the plague.
Date: 1867-12-15
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In one of the small villages that dotted the lands of the t'Corbeau, Gastogne Originne was wretched. In the weeks past he had struggled with fever. A rash over his body had left him scratching almost to the point of being in hives from his incessant itching. Breathing had been near impossible for him as his fever had peaked in the last two weeks, his hair and his nails falling out. Barely remembering from day to day while struggling with it, sleeping, eating, feeling at a constant boil.

Aware peripherally in his small, cramped home that over the weeks someone had tended to him. Made sure he had eaten. Given him what meagre treatments were available. Not being sure whom it was, even from day to day. But, on this day, curled up on the small mat of hay that was used for a bed, looking up at the ceiling through dark eyes and coughing, wheezing, he finally saw.

The old woman glancing down at him and tsking, "You took your time. Even in this you somehow managed to take longer."

He hung his head, and Gastogne let out a slow, agonizing wheeze, "Mother..?"

The older woman nodded at him, face lined with crispness. "Yes, you seem to be slowly getting better."

He looked away softly, Gastogne wrapping his arms about his mother without thinking. She returned the embrace. Speaking, "I have already lost enough family to this. If this plague wants any further then it will have to fight me for it."

That was all it took to had him start to weep.

Family was everything, even in this time of suffering and loss.

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