1868-01-18: Dimly Rising Dawn
Dimly Rising Dawn
Summary: In the midst of tending others, Dawn Bazan takes a quiet moment to reflect on the worst seeming to be over.
Date: 01-18-1868
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She had spent months here in Sunsreach. Each day, the old Healer would make her rounds. Tending to the ill, the infirm, those about to depart. Keeping track of stores of herbs and supplies, helping to make sure what they had was properly used and prepared.

Dawn Bazan had been tired. So tired throughout the fall and into the winter, as the frost covered the ground and she sat by a fire, softly making sure that it remained warm in the Healer's Den in the City as Healers came and went.

Taking another moment to go through some of the concoctions that had been prepared, quickly and efficiently checking them to ensure that they had been readied well. Then going to distribute them to some of the other healers.

At her age, how she had not caught the plague that would have almost undoubtedly been fatal was to her an unknown. But, as she started going through the notations on some of the books that kept track of patients and in what conditions and severity they had been checked on, Dawn Bazan started to quietly, quietly smile.

There was smaller progress downwards. Fewer seemed to be ill, and in her mind those that were almost seemed to not be having it as severe. She might hope, fervently so..

"One Bless Us." She murmured. Then Dawn went to look out the window to the east then, taking a few moments to just watch the sun flickering in the dimness and imagining that it was a little brigher. In her mind, they had turned a corner.

In her mind, they would survive.

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