1868-02-28: A Belated Reply
A Belated Reply
Summary: Lucas writes a long delayed letter to Evelyn l'Faust
Date: 1868-02-28
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Lucas  Evelyn  

The letter had been opened ages ago, but in the midst of Lucas' grief over the death of his mother, and in the midst of the worst of the plague. He had fled to the woods not long afterwards and then when things had gained a grip on his sorrow, he had been busy with his duties to his house, moving from this place to that trying to help keep things in Lonnaire sane.

Now though, there were no such distractions, and so Lucas at last, abashedly, attends to the forgotten letter putting pen to parchment.


Lady Evelyn l'Faust,

I doubt you'd believe it given the lateness of my reply but you have been in my thoughts as well. With the death of my mother and then with the plague in Lonnaire I have not found the time to put those thoughts into words. I hope you can forgive me, it was not meant to offend or suggest I had forgotten you.

I am glad of the picture you sent, it is my mother exactly, the way she carries herself, the way she looks, it is a good momento and will hold on to it. I do miss her still, but you and your family should know that we laid her to rest as she was due as a l'Faust and as a duchess. You are always welcome to visit her.

The plague here has been bad and so I can only imagine how it was in Pacitta. I've heard tales and they were not good ones. I am glad you made it away uninjured and not infected. I hope too that Ostvor weathered things well. For my part I was traveling often, but kept off the roads as much as I could and I think that spared me the sickness. I never caught it, but I am cautious still, the plague may have burnt out to the embers but embers can still burn.

Still, they say court is safe again, I have business taking me there soon, if you are able we could meet, it would be nice to see you again. Write me back when you are able.

Yours in friendship,

Lucas l'Saigner

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