1868-04-16: Different kind of Birthday Suit
Different Kind of Birthday Suit
Summary: Tiadora goes shopping for her 18th birthday to create a new wardrobe
Date: 04-16-1868
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Eighteen. Blessed Saints and One Above, she was eighteen. Another birthday. Her –last- one was a glorious disaster of a wonderful occasion but this time she would probably not be so ostentatious. She had survived the plague unscathed – her piety and hearty stock seeing her through. Having an elaborate feast in light of that devastation would be an insult to those who died. The constant fasting over the duration of the plague had actually resulted in her losing some weight. It required a whole new wardrobe since her corsets fit loose and that meant her dresses didn’t hang right on her either. Oh they fit –better- and some she could wear without the whalebone monstrosity her mother squeezed her in to, but it just blobbed out and looked wrong without them so…

THAT was how she spent her 18th birthday. Visiting every tailor and dressmaker that Clara had ever mentioned. Many of them knew her by sight- even though she had lost weight the girl was still larger than most other noblewomen and her Gerrell features had become more prominent when her cheeks were less filled in. But she had tagged along at the Princess’ side often enough to where they knew that she would only want the finest of fabrics and be able to pay the highest of prices (Although many who thought they could persuade a steeper price out of her found themselves quickly swindled into giving a bargain they hadn’t intended).

Soon… soon a rainbow of colors appropriate for a young woman. Although her pious sensibility shone through in the high necklines and modest waist cinch, there was more color and sheer silks over solids to add depth. A soft green satin with blue and turquoise Normont-style geometric trim over a square neckline. A golden buttery yellow with hummingbirds flitting around her paneled overgown and flower-adorned underpanel. A navy blue velvet verging on black but slashed strategically to show a pale blue satin underlay.

She of –course- had a few gowns in red and black (or black with red) made to wear at home. Dark chocolate browns with red piping and velvet black trim, with onyx birds picked out on the dust-ruffle. A charcoal grey with embroidered red roses and black hawks soaring. A plain grey-white dress with blackwork knotwork adornment with a traditional hood and veil – THAT was to wear when she went to visit her sister. All of which were fitted to wear with a better fitting square corset and hip-roll to give the proper silhouette.

That was a much more satisfying birthday than crying over Devlin.

She finished it with her tradition – eating cake in bed. It started when Symon would sneak her a bit of dessert and she’d eat it under the covers, but –now- she could really enjoy it. Every year, she missed her mother less and less. Every year, she became more her own person. She no longer was angry that Symon sent her away. It was the best gift he had ever given her.

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