1868-01-10: A Syndicate Comes Together
A Syndicate Comes Together
Summary: A Moreno muses of the cooperation amongst the families.
Date: 01-10-1868
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The last weeks had been brutal. The fall's season had come down hard and the city and country had had a toll taken to them. But, Raul Moreno, sitting in a dimly lit room in the Moreno's Manse in Sunsreach, looking out at the city, it could have been worse. He took a breath.

It could have been Pacitta.

But, the Silva had managed to come through. All the families had, working together, sharing things and helping to spread medicines and methods to use them as far as possible and cooperating to ensure that they got to where they needed to with a minimum of disruption. Families at best nominally in competition with one another making sure to help get it around the Edge.

The Silva might get the credit. They probably even deserved it. But, the fact there was still a world left of the lands meant that such things could be if they needed to be settled. All that mattered is that there was still a world left.

And so, it was with a hand taking a quill to put to parchment to send.

My Sister Saffran

I hope this letter finds you well and safe from the plague, and that your travels have not exposed you over to it. In seeing the world I hope that your own efforts have been successful in doing your part. Sunsreach is still here. And it shall survive. That is perhaps enough for now.

Continuing on thoughtfully, putting more quill to parchment. Scratching off thoughts to the night.

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