1866-10-21: For Sister, For Brother
For Sister, For Brother
Summary: Tiadora replies to Rhea and writes to Symon as well
Date: 1866-10-21
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My dear sister,

I was so very happy to receive your letter. I know you would much prefer me in Falconholme with the rest of our kin, and I confess I was a bit upset as well when I was told our brother preferred me to stay in the capitol instead of allowing me to return home. But I have made lady friends here my own age and have made connections to nobility of other lands so we can strengthen our family’s position; something we could not do staying within our own borders.

Spirit Day is upon us though by the time this letter reaches you it will surely have passed. That is one reason why it may not be entirely a poor idea to have the Gate unburied. It will no doubt remain in the care and guardianship of the Cathedral who can ensure nothing evil works through it. I have even used a gate to visit Pacitta City for the Circuit Tourney and my painting of the holy Cathedrals and the Great Father almost won.

But as for Spirit Day – I will ensure prayers are said here for our parents and Uncle Paul and that places are laid for them at my table. I hope you and Aaron will do the same, as it’s safe to assume Symon will ‘forget’.

I am of a mind with you regarding their corruption at the hands of the Cardinal. For all that you think me tainted by secularist notions, Symon thinks I am muddled in religious nonsense to imagine that they could have been brought to darkness by the Great Enemy. Surely their love for the One was tainted and twisted, but it was love all the same. Nobody blames the sheep when their shepherd lets them be eaten by wolves, after all. Not that I am calling Mother and Father sheep.

I will write to our brother and ask him to lend his voice. They were judged by man and their bodies were accordingly dealt with, but true judgment comes from the One and I can only pray He shows them mercy and spares them from the Abyss. If He finds them wanting, then so be it. But it is unfair to deny them that chance to account for themselves before Him.

May the One and all our beloved ancestors watch over you and guide you.

With all affection,

Dearest Symon,

I hope you put out a plate for Uncle Paul on Spirit Day. Aidric and I will have honored the ancestors here in Sunsreach by the time this letter gets to you. I will light the candles on the shrines and even sprinkle some of that gross milk on the herbs- not a full bowl though. I may even sing for them… I will even put out a place for mother and father, although it won’t be as nice a one as Paul’s.

Rhea wrote to me – no doubt you know about that unless she managed to sneak a letter out to me past you. She backhandedly insulted me and doesn’t like the idea of the Feygates being opened, so nothing to be surprised of. But she did bring up an important point which I actually agree with her on.

Please ask the High Priest to lift the excommunication, I beg you. I know it means absolutely nothing to you, but it would do a lot for Rhea and I to know you tried. If our parents are to be damned for their crimes, let the One judge them, not his Church. They were already found guilty by or Queen, let them be judged by our GodWe all walk a thin line, and reminding people that the Cardinal was the worse villain and throwing a touch of sympathy on our family may be helpful.

Regardless of what you think of the religious aspects, the gesture could go a long way to helping soothe the traditionalists who already fear the changes you’re making. It would probably do well to appease those who were loyal to Mother, and show them you’re not entirely godless. It will show you honor your ancestors and our connection to the One Faith. Even a letter to just show willing.


With all loyalty and love, your sister – Tia

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