Lady Nyssa t'Corbeau
Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen as Nyssa t'Corbeau
Full Name: Nyssa t'Corbeau
Byname: None
Age: 28
Date of Birth: April 1st, 1839
Kingdom: Couviere
House: t'Corbeau
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Courtier
Place of Birth: Three Rivers
Father: Viscount Andre t'Corbeau
Mother: Viscountess Sonja t'Corbeau
Siblings: Viscountess Talia t'Corbeau and Lord Darman t'Corbeau
Spouse: Lord Remy t'Corbeau nee t'Cauthone
Children: None yet


A popular courtier, at least in the circles she chooses to frequent, the younger sister of Viscountess Talia t'Corbeau is generally thought to be a charming and amiable creature. Considered, perhaps unkindly, the less beautiful of the trio of siblings, Nyssa balances the scale in her favour by being far more approachable and sociable to those outwith her immediate family and their 'acquaintances'.

On the Grid

Graceful in build though only petite in stature, this young woman is difficult to place as far as age goes; with youthful, almost fae-like features and a silky mane of mahogany - less glamorous or dramatic than true ebon - that prettily emphasises a peaches-and-cream complexion. The tresses tumble to the small of her back, sleek and straight and serving as a frame to the delicate canvas of her face - an angular, austere jawline, upward-tilted, dark-lashed eyes of gold-flecked green and an aquiline snub nose lend her a vaguely feline appearance, eerily similar to that of her elder sister; though Nyssa's mien is softened by a charming, mischievous smile that emphasises the high apples of those sculpted cheekbones and the fullness of an otherwise naturally sulky looking mouth. In spite of her height, Nyssa carries herself with a palpable air of quiet confidence and feminine grace that prevents her from being lost in a crowd, and exudes a warm approachability more often than not. A closer look might in fact note the betrayal of slender muscle, suggesting a more active lifestyle than a mere cosseted courtier. She's not overly curvaceous, though careful choices in attire create the illusion of a more womanly silhouette.


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