Upgrading Characters

There are a couple different areas that a character can be upgraded after the chargen process has been completed to show their growth and to mark their achievements gained through time and RP.

Upgrading Equipment

If you have had equipment changes since leaving chargen, simply put in a +request to staff with what your new equipment section should read. This should be done particularly after gaining new equipment through tournament wins or purchases with tournament winnings.

If you’d like to improve your character's weapons or armor choices, winning tournaments are not the only path, but all upgrades should be gained through RP after chargen has been completed. A player cannot simply submit a +request with updated equipment without the On Grid events to backup the additions or improvements. It is also possible that a request will come back asking for explanation of how the new equipment was obtained (if it is not clear), or require additional RP logs/memoirs to fully show how the equipment was gain.

Upgrading Standard Characters

All characters can eventually have up to 16 total attribute points. In order to buy the additional points after chargen, it will cost 24 XP for each attribute point. Once the needed XP is had, +request with which attribute you wish to have raised. Once your character has reached a total of 16 attribute points, this will upgrade the character from standard to advanced.

Example :
+request Attribute Raise/I would like to spend 24 of my XP to raise Body from 3 to 4.

If a character has a quirk that limits an attribute, they cannot be raised above that limit via this process.

Upgrading Skill Quirks

Every character starts with 2 Skill Quirks out of chargen, allowing them to raise the two associated skills to 12. A standard character can raise 3 skills to 12. But ultimately all characters can raise 5 skills to 12, but how does this happen?

Once a character has gotten the third desired skill to 10, and decides they want to upgrade past that, you put in a +request to add the skill quirk that would allow it to raise to 12.. If it makes sense, then staff will add the quirk to the characters +sheet and that skill may then be raised when the XP and desire to do so is had.

Example :
+request Skill Quirk Addition/I would like to request the Skill Quirk <Name of Skill Quirk> as my third/fourth/fifth high-level skill.

Staff might bounce back your request, though, if that skill doesn’t make sense as far as the character’s concept and how the character has been played (for example, Alina l’Saigner has always been played as skittish of horses— if she put in for the Skill Quirk “Born in the Saddle” it’s going to be denied for what should be obvious reasons). If it’s bounced back, it might be with a denial (which can only be appealed to the head wizards, and their denial is final); or it might just be with a “explain to us why” request, in which case you just give us a brief account of your reasoning for that quirk for the character.

One important note: While you may request “Perceptive” or “Unbreakable” as a skill quirk to add, you do NOT gain the additional points in Perception or Willpower that you normally would in chargen by taking the quirk after-the-fact. It does allow you to advance Perception or Willpower to 12 like a normal skill quirk.

For advanced and elite characters, simply repeat the above process for your fourth and fifth skill choices to round out your high skills.

For standard chars, they will need to ‘upgrade’ the char to advanced (as noted above) to open up the option for obtaining all five high skills. Otherwise they will be limited to just 3 skills that can be raised to 12.

What Happens if I just raise the skills anyway? You can do that, but the sheets are open to everyone. When you’re caught (and you will be) you will lose those points back down to 10 and all the XP you’ve spent on them. Generally speaking staff tends to glance over sheets in advance of major combat events (mock and real) so it’s highly likely you won’t even get to really take advantage of it once.

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